Saturday, May 7, 2011

Flashlights Shine a Light on Auto Sales & Service

Both the new car dealer, the corner used car lot, and the auto service business can benefit from offering custom printed flashlights to their customers. Presented to new buyers after completion of the paperwork, or as part of a grand opening or anniversary, small flashlights can be stowed in the glove compartment or console of the customer’s vehicle and are ideal things to have handy. Even if they’re not used often, every time the customer opens the glove compartment they’ll see the dealer’s name and phone number – a great reminder for service and maintenance.

Household flashlights as promotional products lend themselves to many types of businesses – electricians come to mind, as well as contractors, home builders, and real estate agents. That’s the power of specialty advertising items. Featuring your company name and logo on an item that people will use keeps you top of mind. If you’re located in hurricane or storm-prone areas where summer power outages are frequent, offering customers your flashlights is appreciated and remembered.

Auto dealers especially are always on the lookout for unique, impactful promotional items as customer rewards and thank you’s. Flashlights fit the bill nicely and make a nice “topper” to a sale, and allows for follow up service business.

I have a Mini Mag-Lite set that includes AA batteries in an attractive gift box. It’s made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee. Available colors are black, blue, charcoal, green, red, or purple. The flashlight size is 5¾” x 1″ x ¾” and the imprint area is 2¼” x ½”. Prices start at $13.77 ea (min. 12) plus tax and shipping. $50 set up fee. (Note: Price is accurate at time of blog post. Prices may change without notice #BM2A).

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